Charter Private Jet – All you wants to know

A lot of money, effort and time are required to be invested to organise the travel chores perfectly. Well, charter a private jet can save a considerable amount of time while saving the travellers from the hassles that they might encounter otherwise. Flying in a chartered jet is, after all, an epitome of luxury travelling. If you aren’t yet sure about the worth of private jets then you have reached the right destination. This article covers all the important aspects of chartering a private jet from the benefits to myths of hiring a private plane and the secrets to finding a reputed Private jet charter firm.

Perks of Flying on a Charter Private Jet

How about travelling to the exact schedule

Alteration is a schedule isn’t something good. Businesspersons may even have to end up bearing loses. With a charter private plane, you can attend any number of meetings at different locations, dictate the departure location, and time for the jet. A private plane is a handy option, especially for the individuals that need to travel a lot. From multiple stops to complex itineraries, a chartered private jet can handle almost every particular requirement of the traveller(s), making travel easier and time-saving.

Oh, that Comfy travel!

Privacy is one of the greatest benefits offered by private jet. Moreover, you will have plenty of space on the private jet to take your clients, family, or colleagues on the flight. Also, you can complete any of your important works in the quiet and peace environment of your private charter. What’s more? You can even conduct meetings during the flight without any hassles and can order bespoke refreshments and menus. Private planes not only offer the treat of luxury travel but also provide unparalleled comfort, especially when flying long haul.

No panics or fear of missing your flight

With Private Jet Charter, individuals can fly to smaller airports. They can even get their flight landed at the place nearest to their final destination. Furthermore, on using a private jet you will neither have to encounter additional transfers nor wait around in airports. You will be saved from facing the security checkpoints and waiting in the long queues at the airport. Chartering offers a high level of privacy and security to the traveller(s). Additionally, you can access the benefit of ‘no baggage limits’ on hiring a chartered private jet. Of course, we all hate our suitcases being weighed and hand luggage being checked before boarding the flight. But you may become an exception with a private plane.

Flexibility is an add-on

Travels may prove out to be tricky, especially when it comes to planning the routes with the tight schedule. The individuals, especially the businesspersons and others that have many things to be done within a short span of time. A private ‘fly’ eliminates all the possibilities of hitting delays during the travel because even one delay may cause a huge knock on the schedule. The chartered planes offer the flexibility of changing landing destinations or flight times and personalize the trip as per the convenience of the hirer.

Saving money isn’t bad though!

Chartering a private jet is a cost effective option. Rather the cost of first class travel offered by a commercial airline is equal to the price of hiring a personal jet. On considering the various benefits offered by a private jet, you will find that hiring a private plane is worth the money price.

Charter Private Jet - All you wants to know

Myths about Chartering a Private Jet

Many believe that private aviation is accessible to the rich or the ones that own large corporations. Well, the fact is not completely true. There are many such myths dominating the minds of people. The popular ones are listed below-

Private planes are a thing for the ‘richie-rich’

Mostly business executives facilitate themselves with private jets because of the various benefits involved in chartering. From flexibility in travelling to landing to the remotest places and much more, there are countless benefits that are offered by Private jet charters. However, this doesn’t mean that the people that do not fall in the list of rich or royalty can’t access private aviation. Direct flights to the final destinations generate huge savings on the part of the charterers and economise their businesses.

Buying a private charter is a worthier option

Well, owning a private jet would be like a dream come true, but for many of them, it may only be a fantasy. You may need to spend a lavish amount to buy a personal aircraft. Hence, chartering turns out to be a smarter option than owning one. Moreover, the on-going cost of depreciation and maintenance may add to the expense of keeping a private jet. In simple words, think of buying a jet only if you are in a position of shelling out a huge sum of money from your pocket.

Chartering an aircraft offers more flexibility to a specific trip of an individual. Moreover, you will have the advantage of accessing over 7000 global private jets selections to charter. This means you can easily find the most appropriate plane for your travel. Hold on, the benefits of chartering a private plane don’t end here! In order to beat the heat of competition, the private jet charter companies pamper their clients with various facilities like favourite drinks, newspaper on board, and even music.

Commercial flights are safer than a private jet flight

This is one of the biggest misconceptions resting in the minds of many. Private flying strictly adheres to the rules, regulations, and safety standards set by FAA, like commercial aviation. In addition, private jets also go through surprise inspections and scheduled inspections by FAA. The agency carefully monitors the private jet charters and their operations. These scores of the private chartered flights comprise everything from pilot training to procedures for flying, plane maintenance, and pilot flight experience.

Hiring a private jet means encountering hassles and stresses

A number of people think that companies don’t give a damn when enquiring about private jet chartering. And even if they do, they might not provide the best options which are in the best interest of the individual. Well, as the matter of fact, you need to know that you can easily get a quote for your private jet travel online, via the app, or by consulting one of the customer care representatives of the company. The new business models allow the individual to book their private charter with a few clicks. People can even compare the aircraft and the service price online. Due to the easy booking process, the demand for private jet hire has risen considerably even for romantic getaways.

Private ‘fly’ is synonyms to delays

If you believe that you still have to waste your time in security screening if you choose to travel by private jet, then it’s time to change your mind-set. Today there are specific terminals for private flights at most of the airports. However, this doesn’t mean the companies compromise with security measurements for private jet flights. The process is quick and seamless as on commercial flights.

Steps to Finding the Best Private Jet Charter Deal

It is a daunting task to figure out the right kind of private jet charter for your trip. The listings briefed below will provide an overview of how to find the best deal for your travel needs-

  1. Look for Potential Options Available Out There

The web is one of the best modes for locating the most reputed and reliable charter companies. However, you may not find detailed info about the kind of services provided by the individual companies, but a rough idea can be estimated about the companies through the advertisements. You can also search the online directories for authorised charter operators and locate their web address to know about the private jet charter firms in detail.

  1. Validate the Worth of Charter Company

Verification of the charter company is important. Find out how far the advertising claims of the companies that you have shortlisted are true. Check the official documentation in order to be sure of their services.

  1. Personal Visit to the Company is Crucial

This is the next important step that should not be neglected anyway. You can access crucial pieces of information about the private jet charter company by meeting the representatives of the company and watching out their facilities in person. Personal visits tell a lot about the level of service and quality of aircraft owned by the firm.

  1. Look for the One With Healthy Customer Service

On knowing about the level of customer service provided by the company, you can determine whether you can rely on them for your trip or not. One of the greatest signs of good service providers is that they are responsive, offer flexible services and ask a number of questions about the travel requirements of their clients. They also cater to the special requests of the clients. You can easily sense of the level of service offered by the company by considering all of the listed factors.

  1. Flexibility Could Bring Great Deals for You

If you are flexible with the date, time, and place to travel, there are increased possibilities of benefiting from the discounted deals and great offers. As a matter of fact, you need to know that the cost of private jet travels isn’t the same always, they vary according to the season and availability. It is best to call the company, in order to confirm the current rates of travel and additional offers. Usually, Fridays and Sundays are the days with most expensive deals. The last-minute deals can prove out to be pricy. You can save a considerable amount of money if you plan things at least a week before travelling.

  1. Time to Choose a Jet of Your Choice

Charter companies often provide fake pictures of the aircraft that they claim to offer for the service. The pictures can be deceiving. Touring the company’s aircraft personally is essential for a reality check. Another important factor to consider is the insurance levels of the aircraft. A copy of the insurance policy is enough for ensuring the fact.

  1. Check up on the Pilot’s Proficiency

The next step is to verify the proficiency of the pilot who has been assigned the job of flying your jet. Also, know about the minimum pilot hours, as they vary according to the jet types. The assigned pilot should potent enough in every aspect. Generally, the minimum limit is 5000 hours in total and 300 flight hours in case of specific aircraft type. You will also need to find out about the recurrent training of the pilot; the ideal time-period for this is once half yearly.

  1. Determine the Cost of the Ride

Specify the details of your travel needs and get clear quotes from 3 to 4 private jet charter companies before making the final decision. A vague estimate could leave you with surprises at the end, so look for a hard quote. However, exact quotes of certain other things like ground transportation, flight phone usage, and catering can’t be confirmed before the flight. It is best to find an estimated quote about the final billing.

The Bottom Line

Private jet travels may not always be economical, but the fact can’t be ignored that they are always convenient and comfortable. You just need to hunt for a reliable service provider that can meet your particular jet travel requirements efficiently. Alternatively, a charter broker could prove out to be of great help to you in this regard. However, you may need to bear an extra expense if you choose to hire their services.

It is best to define your preferences and then search about the potential jet charter companies standing in option. Know about the type of services provided by the company and their pricing criteria. Know that various factors like airport landing fees and aircraft availability also affect the private aviation pricing. A little extra research about the trending deals and discount offers can get you a reasonable costing private travelling.

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